FastCast® Journal Clips in Minutes

FastCast® sets up in 10 minutes which makes it perfect for so many projects.  Since journaling continues to be a hot trend, I thought creating some journal clips would be a great addition to this trend.  The best part is, dozens of these can be created in no time at all.

Mold Release
Mixing cups
Stir sticks
Mold of choice
Large paper clips
Craft glue

Spray mold with mold release.

 Measure out equal parts of A and B and then stirs for 1 minute.  Pour into a second cup and mix for 30 seconds.

 Pour into prepared mold.  Let set for 10 minutes.

 Pop the pieces out of the mold.

 FastCast® pieces dry white, they can be left as is or painted.

Glue desired pieces onto paper clips, let dry.
These can be created in any shape you have a mold you can theme them for your journals.  Give it a try!

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