Creating Molds for Knobs with Silicone Putty

Last week we featured our newest product FastCast™, which is a two-component clear urethane casting resin, which turns white once set.  FastCast™ sets to a hard cast in approximately 10 minutes at 70°F.   You can check out that post by clicking here.

Today I am going to show how to create a mold for knobs using Silicone Putty.  Be sure to check back on Thursday, as I will show you how to make some knobs using these molds and FastCast™.

Here is how to create a mold:

Start with Silicone Putty

Measure out two equal balls of part A and B

 Mix them together 

Until you have a uniform color.

Push desired knob into the prepared Silicone Putty...

Let set for 20 minutes.

Remove the knob from the Silicone Putty.  That is how easy it is to create a mold that you will be able to use over and over again.

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