Create a Spoon Bowl with EasySculpt®

Have you ever even heard of a "Spoon Bowl"? It is really rather cool...and today designer Myléne Hillam is going to share how to create one using EasySculpt® Epoxy Modeling Clay!



Dust the bowl liberally with Talcum Powder. This will act as a release agent.

Before beginning, put on your gloves – EasySculpt will be sticky whilst you are working with it. Measure out equal quantities of EasySculpt Parts A and B, the size of large marbles.

Place the EasySculpt into a spoon cavity and push it out to the edges. Press it firmly into the bottom of the mold so that you have formed complete spoons.

To neaten the edges of the spoon, use you finger to roll the edge back into the clay. Mix more EasySculpt to fill all twelve spoons.

Lightly dust the surface of each spoon and then demold the first spoon.

Position the spoon at the 12 o’clock position in the bowl with the handle in the center of the bowl. Demold three more spoons and place them at 3, 6 and 9 o’clock.

Demold the remaining spoons and position them evenly between the first four spoons leaving an open circle in the middle of the bowl. Adjust them so that the handles abut. Continue to adjust the handles of the spoons until the clay firms up. Set the bowl aside for 24 hours to cure.

Carefully remove the spoon bowl from the dish, releasing one spoon at a time. Use the knife to trim away any rough edges. Spray the inside and the outside of the bowl with silver spray paint and allow it to dry.

Display your beautiful Spoon Bowl and enjoy!!

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