EasySculpt® Fish Decor

I am so excited to share my project with you. I painted a fish a few weeks ago and covered it with EnviroTex Lite®. (You can see it here if you missed it)

I thought to myself, hmm.... I wonder if I could sculpt one using Easy Sculpt®

Guess What?!! 

I did and here is how.

Gather all supplies and cover working area with a non stick mat.

Cut Styrofoam ball in half for body of fish.

I am showing this to show you what NOT to do! I usally make an armature with foil, I Quickly learned that it doesn't play well with Easy Sculpt®!

Take equal amounts of Easy Sculpt A & B and mix them thoroughly wearing your gloves. I used vegtable oil on my gloves to help with the Easy Sculpt from getting to sticky on my gloves. In order for you to be able to sculpt you will need to wait a bit before it gets to sculpting stage. Follow manufacuter directions.

Start to sculpt your fish with the body and then move to lips. I did the tail next. Make a top and bottom fin and a side fin. Notice how I propped up the fins to get the waves in them.

I attached the top and bottom fin to the fish. Once happy with it, I let it dry overnight.

The next day I mixed equal amounts of A & B again so that I could attach the side fin. I also added a few more details. I propped up the fin till it was dry.

Gesso the board a the fish, I do this so that the paint has something to stick to.

Paint fish to your liking. Have fun with it!

I lightly sketched out on the board some plants.

Once everything is dry. Use glue to attach to board.

Seal with a varnish and enjoy!

I absolutly LOVE how this piece turned out and I hope you enjoyed it also. Any eagle eyes out there? Did you notice that I clipped off the top long fins. I felt it was to much. 

Thank you for stopping by the blog today!
Donna Budzynski

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