Stained Glass Sun Catcher with EasyCast®

Usually when I have a just a bit of left over resin from a project I pour it into molds I have next to my work station.  The other day I thought I would try to something a bit different...

 I bought this butterfly sun catcher at the craft store and knew it would be perfect to try some stain glass with resin.


Project Instructions: 

If you are not using a bit of left over EasyCast® from a project, mix 1/2 - 1 ounce according to manufacturer's instructions

 Divide resin into several mixing cups.  Add a drop or two of dye (colors of choice) into each cup.

 Use a toothpick to apply each color to the sun catcher.  TIP: If you spill any of the colored resin into an area that you do not want it in, simply use a baby wipe to remove it.

Remove any air bubbles that rise to the top with a lighter.  Let dry overnight.

Add a string and place in the window to enjoy!

This was a perfect project to use up just a bit of left over resin from a bigger project.  I will be looking for some larger sun catchers the next time I am in the craft store.

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