Resin up your Crystal Cell Phone Cover

There are so many beautiful cell phone covers available on the market today.  When you decide to purchase a cover you want it to last, at least for a while, because they can be pricey!   

 I purchased the cover shown above, and loved it, but it did not take long for the small crystals to start falling off as you can see on the right of the cover.  This got me to thinking of how to make the next cover I buy last longer and still be able to enjoy the sparkle of a crystal cover.  The answer was simple...Give it a coat of EnviroTex Lite®, as it would both protect the crystals and let them shine!

Materials Required:

Project Instructions: 

Tape around the cover and place up off your work surface, using a couple small cups.

 I used a marker to highlight the lines on my mixing cup, as I knew I would only need a small amount of EnviroTex Lite® for the top of the cover.  I measured out the resin to the first line and the hardener to the second line, giving me equal amounts of each.

Stir for 2 minutes, then pour into a second cup and stir for another minute.

 Pour resin onto the cover.

 Use a stir stick to move the resin to the edges.

 Be sure to move the resin around any openings of the cover.

 Use a light to remove any air bubbles.  Let set for 12 hours.

 Pull the tape away and now...

Your cover is protected and ready to use.

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