Dragonfly Napkin Rings with EasySculpt®

Today we have designer Myléne Hillam with these adorable Dragonfly Napkin Rings she created with EasySculpt®

Materials Required:

·      EasySculpt®
·      Krafty Lady Dragonfly Mold
·      Black acrylic paint
·      Lumiere paint: Metallic Gold
·      Pearl Ex: Super Copper
·      Perfect Pearls: Forever Green, Forever Violet
·      Talcum powder
·      Firm fitting latex gloves
·      Glad® Go-Between (plastic film)
·      Packing tape tube (1.75” diameter)
·      2 Teflon craft sheets
·      Sheet copy paper
·      GS-Hypo Cement
·      Double sided tape
·      Clay blade
·      Paint brushes
·      4 wooden stir sticks
·      Cello tape
·      Acrylic roller
·      Ruler
·      Timer

Instructions: Before beginning, put on your gloves – EasySculpt® will be sticky while you are working with it. Powder both Teflon craft sheets.

Firmly wrap a 4” wide strip of Glad® Go-Between (plastic film) around the packing tape tube and tape in place with the double sided tape. Tape pairs of the wooden stir sticks together to create a thickness guide for rolling. Cut a lengthwise strip of copy paper 7/8” wide. Place it around the tube and mark where the two pieces overlap. Trim. This is the napkin ring template.

Measure out equal quantities of Parts A and B. To work out how much you need, scoop out about large marble of one part. Roughly flatten it out to approximately 3/16” thick and half the size of the template. Add or remove clay as necessary. Roll the clay into a ball and then measure out an equal sized ball of the other part. Mix them together following the package instructions. Set the timer for 30 minutes to allow the clay to firm up.

 Dust the Teflon craft sheets with powder. Shape the clay into a log and place on the Teflon sheet. Arrange the taped stir sticks on either side of the log. Place the second Teflon sheet over the clay and roll it out to the same thickness as the stir sticks. Keep checking as you are rolling that the clay is not sticking to either of the Teflon sheets. If it is, dust both the sheets with more powder.

Place the strip template on the clay. Use the clay blade to trim the clay to size. A ruler can help keep your edges straight.

 Wrap the EasySculpt® strip around the tube. Gently ease the ends together until they almost meet. Mix a small amount of EasySculpt® and roll it into a snake. Place it between the two ends and push them together. Trim away any excess. Set the ring aside to cure, seam side up. At this stage, EasySculpt® may stretch and it will pull away from the bottom of the tube, creating straight sides and giving the napkin ring a flat bottom.

 Measure out equal quantities of Parts A and B sufficient to fill the dragonfly mold. Push it into the mold, flatten the back and leave it to cure for at least 5 hours before demolding. Use any excess to roll into six small round balls. Press the back end of a paintbrush in the center of each ball.

 Paint the dragonfly and balls with several light coats of black paint.

 Before the final coat of paint has dried, apply a light dusting of Forever Violet randomly to the body of the dragonfly. Apply Forever Green to the rest of the body. Apply Super Copper to the wings and the clay balls.

Attach dragonfly to the napkin ring.

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