DIY EasySculpt® Clay Herb Signs

Spring is in full swing & it is time to play in the herb garden.  Karen Bearse here, with a fun EasySculpt® Clay tutorial.  I was going to use the plastic herb signs as usual but the words always end up coming off & they aren't very attractive.  I have seen a number of DIY ideas including painting rocks.  In fact for years I have been meaning to do that.  As I looked at my mojito crop growing away, I thought what about making my own garden signs?

Materials Required:

·      EasySculpt® Epoxy Molding Clay
·      Rubber stamps, alphabet and assorted
·      Assorted beads, charms and glass glitter
·      Glimmer Glam, assorted colors
·      Glimmer Glaze, assorted colors
·      Gesso
·      Paint markers, assorted colors
·      Paint brushes
·      Cooking spray
·      Latex gloves

Project Instructions: 

There are 2 ways to do this.  First-make multiple molds using store bought garden signs & EasyMold Silicone Putty.  I decided the second way which is more organic to just hand make them.  I was not concerned with my signs looking the same.  Using EasySculpt, simply start by mixing equal portions of hardener & resin kneading the clay together until it is a uniform color.

If you are using a mold push the clay into it right away. Let dry for 3-5 hours checking to see when the clay is hardened but not completely set.  Push the clay out of the mold & trim. If it is too hard to trim simply sand the edges. Clay is completely set at 24 hours.

For my technique I let the clay set for about 30 minutes. it was still a bit sticky but pliable.  I shaped it to the shape I wanted & left it to harden for about 3 hours.  Now the clay was firm but still soft enough to push stamps into without the clay lifting up.  Spritzing cooking spray into a lid, and brushing some on the stamps helped to release them from the clay.  

After adding some leaf & flower stamps it was time to add wire to create stakes.  Simply cut & push the wire into the bottom of the signs.  When the clay completely hardens the wire will be held in place.

Lastly add some charms, beads, glass glitter as desired to add some fun to the pieces.  Let cure completely over night. Once my clay was dry it was time to add color!

Glimmer Glam dries permanent, & worked great on the clay surface.  I did multiple layers using different colors for each piece.  For Thyme & Mojito a gesso wash was put on first so my pieces would have truer colors.  Basil was just the Glimmer Glam.  The colors turned out darker but still looked great.  All my pieces are glossy with lots of good shimmer.

To finish the letters were carefully painted with either Glimmer Glaze or with a paint marker.  Love how these turned out!  Now I am thinking of making more with stamped quotes on the to stick in the flower beds randomly to give me bits of inspiration around the yard.

Not bad for a first time clay play.  I hope you are having a lovely spring and getting lots of fun crafting in!

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