Decorative Light Switch Cover with EasySculpt®

EasySculpt® is a Self-hardening Epoxy Molding Clay that is so versatile and easy to use.  The best part is that you do not have to know how to sculpt it have great results.

Here is how I created this decorative light switch cover...

Measure out equal parts of A and B EasySculpt®.  Then, mix together until blended with a uniform color.  Set aside for about 20 minutes.  Lightly spray two pieces of freezer paper with Mold Release.

 Place the EasySculpt® between the freezer paper and roll out thinly and large enough to cover the light switch.

 Place the EasySculpt® onto the light switch (Note: EasySculpt® will adhere to the light switch while it is drying, without the use of glue).  Cut away the opening.  Use a tooth pick to make the holes for the screws.  

 Use rubber stamps to create a design and texture.

 Use Iridescent Powders to add color and shimmer. 

Be generous and be sure to cover the edges all the way around.  Let this set for 12 hours.  Shake off the excess powder and place it back into it's container.  

Now the light switch cover is ready to be used.  So quick and easy!

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