Amber Encased with EasyCast

Hi everyone!  Today, we have artist Mark James sharing how he encased a piece of Amber using EasyCast.

I make a lot of wood crafts, canes, in particular.  In the cane pictured above, I had glued a piece of Amber at the top of the open hole I created.  I did not like that it seemed to move around as I thought it might come loose.

So I sanded down one side of the opening to make it as flat as possible.  Then, I placed packing tape over the opening, being sure to burnish the tape to the cane.

 Begin by measuring out equal parts of EasyCast resin and hardener and stirring together for 2 minutes. 

Pour into a second cup and stir for another minute.

I removed the Amber from the cane and poured a small amount of EasyCast into the opening.  Then, I placed the amber into the center of the opening.  I let this set up for 8 hours.  Mix together another small batch of the EasyCast, as before.  This time, fill to cover the Amber completely.  Let dry 24 hours.  Pull the tape away from the back side. 

This turned out perfect with the Amber encased with the EasyCast.

I may have to make more wood canes with openings as this looks great!!

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