Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Resin Marbled Photo Frame with EnviroTex Lite

I found a thick decorative shaped mat board frame at Michael's on clearance and thought it would be a great surface to do try marbling technique with EnviroTex Lite....

Start by painting the entire frame the color of your choice, I choose a dark blue.

Be sure to cover your surface with plastic.  For the marbling technique, you want to mix double the amount of EnviroTex Lite that you would need to cover the surface.  I mixed together equal amounts of the hardener and resin and stirred for 2 minutes.  Then, I poured the mixture into a second cup and stirred for another minute.  Choose the colors you want to use to marble with.  I mixed a light, medium and dark blue, along with a white and light pink.  I was not sure if I would use the light pink but had it on hand incase I decided to use it.

Start by pouring your colors....

onto the frame.  I decided not to use the pink, I had a mold ready to pour it into, so it did not go to waste.

Use a disposable paint brush to mix the colors together a bit....

Then, lift the frame...

In every direction to let the colors blend together and create a marbling effect.

Once your happy with the results.  Place the frame up on something off the work surface for 24 hours to dry.  Be sure to wipe drips away from the edges if needed.

Add a photo and display!

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