Glittered Dollar Store Butterfly Wind Chime with EnviroTex Lite

When I saw this butterfly wind chime at a dollar store, I thought it would look great with a touch a glitter and resin...

I took the chimes off.

I mixed a small amount of EnviroTex Lite , hardener and resin together for 2 minutes.

I then poured the mixture into a new cup and stirred for another minute.

Then, I mixed a small amount of ultrafine giltter into the resin mixture and poured it onto the butterfly.

I used a lighter to remove the air bubbles and let it set for 24 hours,

 I painted the back of the butterfly with Sunshine Iridescents and sprinkled a bit of ultrafine glitter on and let it dry.  Then, I mixed together a small amount of EnviroTex Lite , hardener and resin as mentioned above and poured it onto the back of the butterfly.  I let this set for 24 hours,

I painted the chimes with Limelight Iridescents and sprinkled with ultrafine glitter and let them dry.  Then, I placed them onto the butterfly for a completed wind chime,  It hangs perfectly underneath my mom's carport.  

 It is out of the elements and gives a bit of color outside.

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