ARTSY EasySculpt Trivet

Create a one of a kind trivet with EasyScuplt, Stamps and Iridescent Powders.

This is an easy project and can be personalized with stamps of choice.
I chose some of my favorite ART stamps...

Here's how you can create one:

 Start with equal amounts of A & B EasySculpt...

 Blend together until you have a uniform color.  Let set for about 20 minutes.

 Roll out between two pieces of freezer or plastic.

 Place EasySculpt onto a 8" x 8" tile.  Spray stamps of choice lightly with Mold Release & Conditioner.  Then, stamp randomly with stamps of choice.

 Apply choice of Iridescent Powders, as desired.  Let dry.

Paint 4 knobs to match and glue to the bottom of the trivet (optional).


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