Resin Star Sun Catcher

Hi Resin fans, Karen Bearse here with a quick colorful chippie star sun catcher tutorial. I did a test the other day that was hugely successful & I wanted to share it. I don't know about you but I love playing with chipboard and wood pieces, adding them to art journal, scrapbook pages, etc. Some pieces and die cuts have nice open spaces which would look great filled in with resin. This could be used for decoration or in your art project.

I decided to alter a chipboard star. Here is what my finished project looks like.

First mix the resin. Pour equal measures of EnviroTex Lite resin & hardener into a cup and stir for 2 minutes. Pour this mix into a new cup and with a new stick stir for 1 minutes.

One of the great things about resin is you can color it with Castin' Craft dye. For this project, I used amber and red transparent dye. Put a drop of amber color and mix it into the resin. With the star on a craft sheet start dripping the resin onto the star using the stir stick. Drip amber resin onto 3 sections of the star. I let the resin run over a little onto the wood edges to ensure it would stick. Add a drop or 2 of red dye to the remaining resin mix you have & stir. Slowly drip this new color onto the rest of the empty parts of the star. Using cool colors resulted in the resin blending nicely when it happened to overlap. Do not move the piece, let it dry overnight.

This is what I ended up with. So first off it worked yay! The craft sheet does leave a bit of texture imprinted in the resin, so the next time, to prevent this, I would start with the wood piece on parchment paper. I would also add some glitter or mica to add a little fun! There was some drippage on the edges which I cut off. Once the edges were cleaned up I used an awl to carefully punch a hole for a brad.  I wrapped a bit of wire around the star and attached a charm with a jump ring. 

Bonus: I also did a piece using a scrap of paper cut with a film strip die. Using clear resin, I dripped some onto my die cut the same way. Only this time, I left one of the holes open, without resin. I left the drippage on the edges. The result is a very cool piece that can be used on an art journal page or a scrapbook page. Thanks for playing along today!

Enviro Tex Lite
Casting Craft Dye
Chipboard - Southern Ridge Trading
Jump ring.

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