Resin and Rhinestone Coaster

What could be better than a coaster made with Rhinestones and Resin?   EnviroTex Lite and Rhinestone Sticker Sheets make this project quick and easy with wonderful results...

Here is how to make one:

You will need: EnviroTex Lite, a Rhinestone Sticker Sheet from the Buckle Boutique, a tile, painter's tape, scissors, lighter, paint and paint brush (optional).

Paint around the edges of the tile with Ann Butler Design's Iridescents in Onxy.  I also painted the back side so it would match the edges.  Let dry.  This step is optional!

Cut the Rhinestone Sticker Sheet and attached it to the tile.

Measure out equal amounts of the EnviroTex Lite hardener and resin, mix together for 2 minutes.

Pour into a second cup and mix for another minute.

Tape the edges of the title to prevent drips.  Pour a small amount of resin onto the tile, I used a paint brush to bring the resin to the edges, but not over the sides.

Use a lighter to remove any air bubbles that rise to the top.  Let set for 24 hours.

Remove the tape and your done...the Rhinestone Sticker Sheets come in a variety of patterns and colors and the results are wonderful!

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