Beads in a Bezel with Resin

Today on the blog we have a simple Bezel filled with leftover beads from other projects...

Do you save odds and ends that are left over from projects?  

 I have several bags like the one pictured above, filled with odds and ends from projects....things that are to good to be thrown away yet what do you do with them?  I have found a perfect way to use some of them a bezel, covered with  ETI Jewelry Resin .  

Here is how I created it:

Measure out equal parts of the resin and hardener and mix together for 2 minutes.

Pour into a second cup and mix for another minute.

Pour a small amount of resin into bezel...

Add beads...

Use the stir stick to slowly add resin on top of the beads.

Use a lighter to remove any air bubbles and let set for 12 - 24 hours.

Add some ribbon and you have a necklace that will go with most any outfit!!

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