Resin Covered Painted Mirror Tile

Today we have guest designer Vee James, with a wonderful project using a glass mirror she painted then applied EnviroTex Lite to protect the design and give it added strength.

I am happy to share this project with your readers today...

I started out 4" mirror and assorted colors of Iridescents paint.
I painted different colors onto the mirror in a sweeping motion,until I was happy with the results.
I let this dry.

I placed masking tape around the edge of the mirror and placed it on a cup.  Then I mixed 1 ounce of EnviroTex Lite by measuring out 1/2 ounce of the resin and hardener, mixing them together and mixing for 2 minutes.  I then poured the mixture into a new cup and mixed for another minute, according to the manufacturer's instructions.

I poured the mixture onto the mirror...

and used a brush to gently move the resin to the edges.  There were a few air bubbles that rose to the top so I just blew on them to remove them.

I love how it turned out and know that the mirror is protected and will remain beautiful.

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