Resin Christmas Cuff Bracelet

HOHOHO Karen Bearse here with a new project.  With the gift giving season well on it's way & Christmas looming I thought I would do a project I have had in mind for a long time.  I made a Christmas Cuff Bracelet.  This would make a great gift anytime of year as the beauty of it is any theme can be used. Linnie Blooms makes canvas products of all types and they happen to have a canvas cuff that is perfect for this project.  The paper shown here is the new Ordre de Jour paper by 7gypsies.  It would be great for this project also-there are all sorts of cool cut-out pieces to use.

 I also used a bezel to hold my resin treasure.  When starting out, cutting the design, the trick is to ink the edges of the bezel and stamp it on the paper then cut out on the inside of the line, making your paper piece fit into the bezel. 

I used Christmas paper from the Santa's Journey paper pad.  I choose this newsprint paper as my background, then cut out Santa's picture from another piece.  Both were glued in using ultra-seal and coated on top with ultra-seal to protect the image.

I left some open spots to add my glitter and beads so they would show up.  Set aside the bezel so the glue can dry, to make the band.
I spritzed the band with Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist and let dry.

Time to make the resin! 
Using the Jewelry Resin and *reading the directions carefully, mix equal parts in one cup for a full 2 minutes.  Pour contents into a clean cup, with a new stir stick, mix another minute.  Let the resin sit for a minute.  At this point add some of your bling into your bezel.  I added a 7 gypsies tree charm and a few beads.  Pick up the resin with a stir stick, drip resin into bezel, filling halfway.  Then, reposition objects, if they shift, with the tooth pick.  The resin will self-level.  Let sit for approximately 30 minutes until the resin has firmed a bit.  Any bubbles should disappear by this time but if any remain blow gently through a straw to release them.

  Add next layer of mica, glitter, a word or more beads. These objects will appear to "float" in the resin.  Be mindful not to cover your focal image.  Using a stir stick drip in more resin to the top of the bezel.  Cover the bezel with a cup to protect it from dust while the resin cures- 24 hours.

 While my bezel was curing I thought my band was too plain so I added some stenciling with acrylic paint, white paint splatters and eyelets to help hold the piece.
Once cured I glued my bezel down and let dry. To finish this Christmasy project add ribbon through the eyelets. 
Have a very Merry Christmas and/or a Happy Holiday!!! See you in 2016!

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