Glittered Resin Christmas Coaster

I was sorting through old Christmas cards the other day and thought some of them would be perfect to use with resin as coasters and ornaments...

For today's project I thought parts of this card would be the perfect fit to create a resin Christmas I got out my EasyCast and coaster mold...

Measure out equal parts of the resin and hardener.

Combine them together and stirred for 2 minutes,
 then pour the mixture into another cup and
stir for 1 more minute.
Stir in some ultra fine gold glitter.

Pour the mixture into the coaster mold that has been prepared with some mold release .  Remove any air bubbles that rise to the top with a lighter if needed.  Then set aside for 12 hours.

Cut one of the squares from the card and add some glue around the outside edge, 
sprinkle with ultra fine red glitter, set aside to dry.

Cut out the other poinsettia on the card and glitter some of the leaves and the center of the poinsettia on the square the same way you did the edge.  Once dry glue together in the center of the poinsettia,
this will give some dimension.

Mix up some more EasyCast (this time without glitter).  Place the poinsettia into the middle of the coaster mold and pour a layer of resin over the top, let set for 12 hours.

I love how this coaster turned out....
the glitter on the poinsettia is beautiful under the resin.

A set of these would be perfect for the holidays!

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