Double Sided Resin Glitter Coaster

Coasters are a great gift item so, with the holidays fast approaching I thought I would try to make a reversible glitter coaster...using ultra fine glitter on one side and chunky glitter on the other...I must say I loved the result and will be making a few sets of these!

To get started, gather your supplies: 
EasyCastMold Release coaster mold, ultra fine glitter and chunky glitter.

 Measure out equal parts of the resin and hardener.

Combine the resin and hardener.
Stir for 2 minutes.
 Pour into another cup and 

 stir for 1 more minute.

 Add ultra fine glitter.

 Pour into a coaster mold that has been sprayed with mold release.

Use a lighter to remove any air bubbles and let set for 12 hours.

Mix up more of the EasyCast for the second layer.

 Pour the resin into the mold and then add a small amount of the chunky glitter.

Mix into resin and, add more chunky glitter if desired.
Use a lighter to remove air bubbles if needed.
Let set for 24 hours and remove from the mold.

The coaster turned out very is the chunky glitter side...

and the ultra fine glitter side.

I like that it is reversible and oh so easy to make....
These will be perfect gifts for the holidays in sets of 4...
tied with a pretty ribbon.

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