Christmas Ornaments made easy with EnviroTex

What fun discovering more ways to create with EnviroTex Lite Pour-On Resin for holiday decorations.  While checking out holiday craft supplies at the local Michael's, I found acrylic two piece ornaments and laser cut wooden designs.

By gluing the wooden designs into one-half of the acrylic ornament shape I was able to create interesting decorations.  A glue that is clear or will dry clear needs to be used.  Place the glue onto the wood design close to the edges that will touch the plastic ornament when place inside.  If needed, use something to add weight to the wood and hold it in place till the glue dries.  Once it is adhered to the inside of the ornament, the resin can be added.

Measure equal parts of the hardener and resin and mix together for 2 minutes, then pour into another cup and mix for another minute.

Pour into the plastic shape and set aside till the resin hardens, about 24 hours, being sure to place the forms onto a surface that will keep them level.

NOTE: To determine how much resin needs to be mixed to fill the shape, before beginning, add water into the plastic shape and pour the water into a measuring cup to see how much of the EnviroTex resin to mix.  Some glitter was sprinkled onto the first layer of resin.

Once the resin hardens decorative trims, ribbons and hangers are added.

Another find from the craft store was a metal form in the shape of a tree...

NOTE: This shape had some gaps that need to be filled so the resin will not leak. Use a clear glue along the inside edges and allow to dry well before proceeding.  Determine how much resin needs to be mixed to fill the form by using the method mentioned in the NOTE above.

Cut a decorative fabric to fit the inside of the tree shape.  Apply a coat of Ultra Seal to the metal surface and put the fabric in place.  Brush the fabric surface with another coat of the Ultra Seal and allow to dry.  Glue your choice of embellishments onto the fabric.  I used a laser wooden design and tiny decorative snowflake buttons.  If using buttons with a shaft on the backside, remove it to make placement easier.  Allow the added embellishments to dry well.

Proceed to mix the amount of EnviroTex needed to fill the form.  Place the form onto a sheet of parchment paper on a level surface.  Pour the resin to fill.  Set aside to harden, about 24 hours.

The last piece I want to share is a tray that I made as a holiday decoration several years ago and it was my first experience with EnviroTex Lite.  I painted a wooden tray with red acrylic paint and finished it with a coat of varnish.  To the inside of the tray, I glued a collection of holiday-related papers and other finds.  The final step was to add resin into the tray.  I used the 4 oz size.  If a thicker layer of resin is wanted, mix more and once the first layer is hard another one can be poured.

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