Simple Resin Box

I am constantly looking for items with recessed areas that will hold resin.  I found this simple wooden box for a few dollars at Michael's and thought I would give it a try.  

The recessed area was embossed and only about 1/8 deep, but I thought it would look beautiful painted....

I started out by painting the entire box with Bronze Iridescents.

Then I highlighted the embossed area with Sheer Gold Iridescents, thus letting the Bronze show through.

Then I measured out equal amounts of EnviroTex Lite hardener and resin.
(there is more than I need here for the project, but I was working on several things at once)

I mixed the resin and hardener together and stirred gently for 2 minutes,

I then poured the mixture into the first cup and stirred for another minute.

Then I poured enough resin to cover the recessed area.

I used a lighter to remove the air bubbles that came to the top.
I repeated this again after 15 minutes.

I let it dry for 24 hours and the results are stunning.

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