Resin Autumn Decor

 Designer Madeline Arendt shares a Resin Autumn Home Decor project with us today.

While visiting an area craft stores,  I am always on the look-out for interesting shapes and forms in a variety of materials to transform.  Recently I found a number of items to play with.

During this season of holidays,  I like decorative items that are simple.  Here is a piece that will be added to my autumn decor collection.  The base for this piece was a metal ornament shape.


Envirotex Lite Resin
ETI Ultra-Seal
Metal Ornament Shape
Fabric Scrap / Paper Scrap
Acorn Caps
Small Plastic Embellishments
Die-cut Letters
Beacon 3-in-1 Glue


NOTE: Before beginning measure to see how much resin mix will be needed to fill the shape.  Tape off any holes or opening and add water till full.  Pour off the water into a measuring cup to determine the approximate amount of resin that will be needed. 

Begin by cutting a background to fill the inside of the metal ornament shape, using either fabric or paper.  Adhere the cut background using ETI Ultra-Seal.  Apply another coat of the sealer over the top of the surface; dry well.

With scissors, trim some of the pinecone petals from one side to make placement of them easier.

Glue the pinecones and acorn caps, alternately around the outside edge of the shape.  Press if necessary to make them contact well to the surface.  Place other decorative elements onto the surface with glue and allow all to dry well before proceeding.

NOTE: If desired, brush the tops of the pinecones with some glitter glue to add some sparkle.

Place the shape to be filled onto a level, covered surface, using a piece of plastic or parchment paper.  Mix the ETI resin following the package directions.  Pour the resin into the shape, filling as close to the top as possible.  Follow directions for removing bubbles, but leave to harden without touching.

NOTE:  In my piece there were a few pinecones that extended slightly above the surface.  I was fine with the look but made sure that the tops had resin brushed on them. If the desire is to have them completely embedded, the pinecones would need more trimming

To complete the piece, tear two strips from a coordinating piece of fabric.  Glue one strip around the shape.  From a bow from the second and glue in place.

This piece can sit on a shelf, table or made to hang as wall decor.  Another version of this idea will be shared shortly for the coming Christmas season.  This will be a two-sided piece.

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