Jewelry Clay Poinsettia Crystal Bracelet

I am making some gifts for the holiday and grabbed some Jewelry Clay to try in different molds....
I love the results I am getting....

Here is a poinsettia that I created...and oh so simple!

 How to:
 Jewelry Clay comes with two containers marked A and B.

 Roll out an even amount of each A and B.

 Mix the two components together until you have a uniform color.
Now it is ready to use...I put it into a poinsettia mold...

I let it set up for about 20 minutes and removed it.

I placed some crystals into the center/

Once it was dry I painted a light coat of Limelight Iridescents onto the entire front.

Then I paint the petals Orchid and Berry.  I added some leafs that I had also made from the jewelry clay, these I painted with the limelight.

I glued a pin back onto the back, so that it could be used for a pin...

and also pinned to a piece of mesh crystal and used as a bracelet.

Two looks in one....quick and easy!

These would also look great on one of a kind Christmas cards...

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