Glittered Resin Paper Weight

I loved the Resin Paper Weight Mark James created a couple months ago, that I wanted to give it a try with some glitter added

I gathered some glass marbles, a coaster mold, and EasyCast Clear Casting Epoxy.

I measured out equal amounts of  the EasyCast Resin and Hardener

I mixed them together for 2 minutes, then poured them into a new cup and mixed for another minute.

I sprayed the inside of the mold with Castin Craft Mold Release.

I added some Iridescent Ultra Fine Glitter.

I filled the mold half way with the resin mixture.

I decided to only add green marbles and I places them into the bottom and along the sides of the mold, then I put it aside for 12 hours.
I then mixed more EasyCast, this time adding a couple drops of translucent...

and I added a bit more glitter...

and poured the resin mixture into the mold.
I let this dry for 24 hours and removed it from the mold.

I love how the paper weight turned out!

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