Dollar Store Resin Coasters

While shopping at the Dollar Store one day I came across a package of round coasters that had stickers on them and thought I would try adding a coat of resin on them, since I am always looking for new things to try.

For this project I used EnviroTex Lite:

I measured equal amounts of resin and hardener.

Poured them together,

Then, stirred for 2 minutes.
I then poured the mixture into another cup and stirred for 1 minute.

Since the top of the coaster was a sticker I did not have to decoupage over it, it was ready to go. 
 I taped around the edge of the coaster with painter tape.  I did not go above the edge of the coaster as I just wanted to add a thin layer.  I then placed the coaster on an upside down cup to give it height. 
Then, I started to pour some of the resin mixture on the coaster.

I waited a few minutes and then simply blew on the couple bubbles that rose to the top, to remove them.  Then I let this sit to dry for 12 hours.

This was so quick and easy to do and the RESIN layer on top of the coasters gives it extra shine and durability, so they will last for years to come....I don't know anyone who is going to be 70 anytime soon, but when I do...I have the coasters for the party!!

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