Resin Workshops at Mall of America

This past week I was at Bella Crafts Connections Craft Retreat at Mall of America...and one of the workshops I taught was using ETI Jewelry Resin and Jewelry Clay with Bezels.

The workshop was scheduled for 2 hours and the students completed 3 to 4 projects each.  I am going to divide the segments of workshop into three blog post to showcase what the students created....

 This is a workshop that Kristi Parker was originally going to teach and was unable to make it to the event, so this first project is one she designed using ETI Jewerly Resin, a Spellbinders Bezel and matching die.

To get started the students measured equal parts of the resin and hardener, mixed them together and stirred the mixture for 2 minutes.  Then poured the mixture into another cup and stirred for another minute.  Then they set this aside while they decided what to put into the bezel.

 We had pre-die cut paper to fit into the bezels, to which the students applied 2 layers of decoupage to the front and back and used a heat gun to dry completely.  Next they glued the paper into the bezel and choose items to add....which included....





 Glass Glitter



and more before pouring the resin mixture into the bezel.  Above are a few of the finished bezels from the students....they all turned out great and each unique in there own way.

Check back next Tuesday to check out the second bezel they used in class and how those turned out....

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