Resin Workshops at Mall of America part 3

In the last two post I have shared with you a workshop I taught at the Bella Crafts Connections at Mall of America last month.  Today I am sharing what the students created using the Jewelry Clay.

 The students started with equal parts A and B of the Jewelry Clay...

then they mixed them together until they achieved a uniform color.
This was set set aside while they decided if they would place the clay into a bottle cap,
cut out a shape with some cutters I brought or do....

a Free Form design...
this one the student created and was going to let it dry, then paint it.

 This one was cut with a round cutter (like a cookie cutter),
then Iridescent Powders were added and
a button put into the center....
by leaving this to dry complete the button and pwoders
will remain in tack...this product is so cool!!

 Here the clay was overfilled into the bottle cap,
chuncky glitter was placed on top and
a bolt was placed into the center.

This one was the clay was placed into a bottle cap with crystals added
and glass glitter on the top.

 Here the clay is put into a blottle cap with a few crystals added,
a charm and chunky and glass glitter placed on top.

 I think this piece has such great sparkle...
the clay was placed into a bottle cap,
and several colors of chunky and glass glitter
were added to the simple yet it has a wow effect!

 Here is the last piece I got a photo of...
it has an assortment of charms, with glitter pressed into the clay,
I believe it has both chunky, glass and ultra fine glitter and 
finished with Pearl Iridescent Powers.

I hope you enjoyed seeing the creations of several of the students in the last three post!

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