Resin Workshops at Mall of America part 2

Last Friday I shared the first part of one of my workshops I taught during the Bella Crafts Connections Craft Retreat at Mall of America using ETI Jewelry Resin and Jewelry Clay.  Today I will share the 2nd bezel the students worked on during class...

I brought extra bezels for the workshop so that the students could try something totally on their own...
they did and they had fun!!

 They started by measuring equal amounts of the jewelry resin, mixing them together and stirring for 2 minutes.  Then pouring into a second cup and mixing for another minute.  This mixture was then set aside so they could decide what to put into their bezels. 

  I showed the students what the resin looked like with a small amount of Iridescent Powders added to give them the beautiful results you can get by adding just a bit of the powder (the photo above shows an example of what the powders look like with the resin).

Here are some of the results of the students bezels...

For the second project simple brass rectangle bezels were used...
Here a stamped popscile stick, a charm and glass glitter was used.

 Crystals and glittered resin was used here.

 Iridescent Powders with the resin and some beads were used in this bezel.

 A photo and glittered resin are in this bezel.

 Small flowers and colored resin were used here, I believe the resin was colored with Iridescent Powders, but I am not 100% on that.

 Flower charms, glitter glass and glittered resin were used here.

Some charms and glitter glass are used in this bezel.

 On Thursday I will share what some of the students created using Jewelry Clay.

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