Resin Fleur-de-Lis Bezel Charm

Hello ETI resin fans, Lisa Marie Jimenez here today, to show you how to make this Fleur-de-Lis  Bezel Charm. 

This charm is one of my favorite charms to make and I use this style charm in my own jewelry designs.   Making this charm is easy using ETI Jewelry Resin along with seed beads, a charm and a bezel.   

Let’s get started: 

First mix the ETI Jewelry Resin according to the manufacturer’s instructions.  Use a clean wooden stick to add a thin layer of resin into the bezel.  

Next, add the seed beads slowly into the bezel.  Dumping the beads all at once into the bezel will cause the resin to “splash” up onto the sides of the bezel.  As you can see, I have not removed the bubbles from the resin prior to adding the beads.  I have found that when adding the beads, this will cause more bubbles and release some, so I wait until I am finished adding the beads to remove them.

Use a toothpick move the beads around in the bezel to cover the entire bezel and to flatten them down.   Add more beads as necessary to fill the bezel.  

Once again flatten the beads down, so you have a smooth layer.  Now you may remove the bubbles from the resin using a lighter.  Wave the lighter over the bezel a few times.

Add a charm (ring cut off) on top of the beads.  Use a toothpick to arrange the charm so that it is centered.  Next, add another layer of resin on top of the beads, going around the charm.  I found it best to use a toothpick to add the resin for this step. Remove any bubbles with a lighter. Allow the resin to cure. 

Your Fleur-de-Lis Charm is finished. This charm is ready to be used on a bracelet or necklace.  The possibilities are endless, as you can use different bead colors and charms.

What will you fill your next bezel with?

Thank you for stopping by today, I hope you enjoyed my blog post.  To see more of my jewelry and craft tutorials please visit my blog

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