Resin Compact filled with Memories

I love to preserve memories in items that can be seen and used.  I found some inexpensive beaded compacts recently while shopping and knew they would be perfect for a memory project.

 I got out a tweezers and started by removing all of the micro beads.
There was also adhesive that had to be removed.
I then cleaned the surface.

 I printed out my parents wedding photo and applied a layer of Ultra-Seal to the back and let it dry.
I then applied two layers of Ultra-Seal to the front of the photo, letting it dry in between coats.
 I cut the photo into the correct size circle for the compact.

 Then I glued it into the compact with some of the Ultra-Seal.

 I measured out equal parts of the resin and hardener of Envirotex Lite into two cups.  I mixed them together for two minutes.  I then poured the mixture into another cup and mixed thoroughly for one minute. 

 I poured the resin onto the photo, being sure not to go over the lip of the compact.
There were a coupld air bubbles that come to the the top, so I used lighter to remove them.

 I placed some crystal trim around the outside edge of the compact.
I should have waited for the resin to set up a bit before doing this step...
as I had to adjust the trim several times to keep it in place, 
but once3 dried the resin acts like a glue and the crystals stay perfectly.

Although this photo does not do it justice, I love how this project turned out.  A bonus to this project was that my mom was here visiting (as she lives in Florida) and able to see the process and help with this project which made it even more special and a perfect gift for her to have as a keepsake.

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