Easily Paint Colored Resin

A couple months ago I shared how to add pigment to resin to give it color..

 Adding color to resin is easy to do...ETI has Transparent and Opaque Dyes that make it easy...here's how:

Mix your resin according to manufacturers instructions and pick the color you would like to use.

Simply add a small amount and mix into the resin.

Pour into molds...

of choice.

Use a lighter to remove any bubbles that rise to the top.  Let dry 24 hours...

Now you have wonderful resin pieces to use in projects.

 While these items are white, and you may have wondered, what in the world would you do with them...first of all I was testing how the white pigment would look in a completed resin piece knowing that white would be a good base color to go over once I decided what to do with these pieces.  

I thought I would share what we did with the cameo when my mom was visiting last month...

 First we used Iridescents Sheer Silver to add some color.  
This is a very sheer medium and a touch of the white shows through which is perfect.

Once dry we added just a touch of Rub and Buff to some of the raised areas.

Now this is ready for a pin back for a pin, a jewelry bail and beautiful chain for a necklace, it could be the focal point of a mixed media project, or oh so many things...