Scripted Resin and Wood Coasters

I have always used coasters in my house, which might be one of the reasons why I like coming up with new designs and ways of creating them and I love these Resin & Wood coasters....

I love this scripted cardstock I found from DCWV, it was perfect for these coasters!
Here's how I created them...

EnviroTex Lite
Wood Coaster Set
Paper, DCWV

Painters tape, Paper trimmer, Cups, Stir stick, Paintbrush, Sander

Cut paper to fit the top of the coasters. Apply Ultra-Seal to the back of the paper, let dry.  Apply two coats of the Ultra-Seal to the front side of the paper, letting dry between coats.

Apply Ultra-Seal to the wood coaster and add the paper on top, let dry.

 Measure equal amounts of resin and hardener, mix together for two minutes.

 Pour mixture into new cup and mix for one minute.

Place tape around coaster, with about 1/8” lip above the top of the coaster.

 Pour resin mixture on the coaster.

Brush resin, if needed to the edges of the coasters.
 Blow on resin to remove air bubbles if needed, let dry 24 hours.

 Remove tape and sand the edges.

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