Resin and Stone Bezel

Today on the blog we have Artist Mark James  with a simple Bezel project...

What can go into a bezel?  You may ask.  Well, almost anything as long as you can fit the items inside of the bezel and ETI Jewelry Resin will hold the items place.  

 I have had this package of small polished rstones for years, so I thought I would see what they looked like in this bezel before I added the Jewelry Resin...I liked the look so here is how I created it:

I measured out equal parts of the resin and hardener.

 Then I mixed them together and stirred for 2 minutes...

I then poured the mixture into another cup and mixed for another minute.

I placed the stones into the bezel and added the resin.
It did not take much, and I was careful not to overfill.
There were no air bubbles that came up to the top, but if there had been
I would have simply blown them away, with a heat gun.

I set it aside to dry for 24 hours...

I love how it turned out...

I simply added a ribbon to finish it off!

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