Candles by the Sea Shore with Resin

Hi everyone Steph Ackerman here using EasyCast Clear Casting Epoxy from Environmental Technology Inc.  What do you do with all those shells your family collected from the beach all summer?  Do you put them aside or perhaps discard them when no one is looking?  How about embedding them in resin so you have a permanent reminder of the summer.

Here's how...

Begin by mixing equal parts resin and hardener.  
Mix for 2 minutes scraping the container to mix all the resin together.

Next, pour the resin into a clean container and mix for another minute.

Pour about 1" of resin in the bottom of the glass jars.

Place the seashells in the jars, gently pushing them down into the resin.  The resin will seal them in place.
The jars can now be a remembrance of beach days.  Place tea light candles in the cavity of the jar,  The cavity will hold the candle in place.  Now you can light up the shells in the evening.  To finish, tie some twine around the jars and add metal embellishments

Thanks for stopping by today.

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