Resin Autumn Tray

Hi everyone, Madeline Arendt here to share a project I created using EnviroTex Lite.  Around this time of the year, I get excited for the cooler days and the changing colors.  Being from the midwest, I love Autumn time!

All around the house, both inside and out, decorations go up to celebrate this lovely season.  This little project will be a new addition to my ever-growing collection of Autumn decor.  For now it will be used as a candle tray on my large kitchen island.  Other ideas would be to use it near the front entrance for a key holder or mail holder during the months of Autumn.

This project began with a small 12" x 8" unfinished, wooden tray.  NOTE: Any size tray will work, but the amount of the pour-on finish will have to be adjusted accordingly.


EnviroTex LteĀ® Pour-On High Gloss Finish - 8 oz.
Wooden Tray or Container with sides
Leaves (Real or Artificial)
Tissue Paper (Colored)
Ribbon (Optional)

  1. Paint the outside, bottom and around the inner sides of the tray with brown paint.  NOTE: If desired, dry brush the painted surface with a metallic color, such as copper.
  2. Layer torn pieces of yellow tissue paper onto the bottom, inside of the tray using Ultra-Seal. Allow to dry well.
  3. Place real or artificial leaves onto the tissue paper as desired.  Use Ultra-Seal to secure the leaves in place.  Allow to dry well.  NOTE: If necessary, cover the leaves with parchment paper and weight them down till dry. 
  4. Varnish the tray and allow to dry.
  5. Prepare the EnviroTex LiteĀ® according to the package directions (Click here for step by step instructions).  Once mixed properly, immediately pour into the tray.  Set aside to harden 24 - 72 hours.
  6. Add a decorative ribbon around the outer sides of the tray.  (OPTIONAL).

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