Stunning Resin Charms

Hello my dear crafty friends, Irit here.  Welcome to my new tutorial made for ETI.  This time I decided to make a bag chain/key chain/whatever chain and to combine resin charm with metal frame charm - all in one.  So here we go !

1. Pick a nice stamp that is around 2'' size and stamp it over good stamping cardstock with Staz-On ink.  I used this Rubber Dance One Penny Post Stamp as this was just a perfect size for my charm.

2. Now pick a background stamp that you can cut , as only the small piece of it will be seen. I used Music notes Rubber Dance background for this side of the charm.  Flap the stamped image and stamp exactly over it on the backside of your cardstock with the same ink

3. Cut the image to fit the 2"x2'' acrylic piece we are going to use as our charm base.

And this is how it looks from the other side.Both sides are inked with a mix of distress Ranger inks.

4. And now for ETI STEPS: Glue the stamped piece over the acrylic fragment with a small portion of EasyCast┬« Resin and let it dry.  Insert the fragment into the metal frame as shown below.  Cover both stamped sides (also just one side is seen here) with ETI Ultra- Seal Multi Purpose Sealer.
Let one side dry and then cover the second one and let it dry.

5. Mix  EasyCast┬« Resin according to the manufacturers instructions, then add a bit of Amber Transparent Dye  into the mixed resin. Glue one empty metal frame over the frame with the stamped image to make a kind of a small shadow box.  Add whatever you want into the metal frame (I picked a small glass  bottle, a sticker word Hope and a small metal key).  Cover it with your amber resin mix and let it dry for a few hours.  Fill a heart mold with the rest of your amber resin and let it dry for overnight,

6.This is how the resin heart looks when it's dry and the charm open side. Cover the back side (the one with a Penny  post stamp image) with a thin layer of EasyCast┬« Resin  (this part is not shown on  photos ) and  let it dry.  Make a hole with your hole punch in resin heart (pretty easy if your heart is not very thick).

7.Arrange your charms on a  ball chain and enjoy it as a key chain/bag chain or "whatever you need it for "

And this is the other side of your metal charm.

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