Resin Filled TableTop

Hello, Kristi here for a fun and more involved project using the wonderful products from ETI!  I love doing larger projects so this was up my right up my ally.    I started with the table top built by McGuffey Woodworking  The legs could be removed so I could work on the table surface a bit easier.

EnviroTex LiteĀ® Resin
Ultra Seal
Graphic 45 Paper - Steampunk Spells
Misc. Embellishment

It took some time to figure out a theme but wanted to use Steampunk Spells from Graphic 45.  I started my design and used Ultra Seal, also from ETI to adhere and seal the layers of paper.  This keep the paper from discoloring.

After this is 100% dry I started the layering and dimensional part of this project.  I have used many sealers but I really like how the Ultra Seal works and covers.

Some 3D elements are added and I am ready to pour on my first layer of resin.  For this project I knew I would be using a lot of resin so I got the larger containers to mix. 

I still follow the instructions and mix in smaller portions.  This is to ensure a complete mix and better hardening results.  I pour in 4oz of resin then add 4oz of the hardener.  I mixed these for two minutes then poured them in a second cup and stir for an additional one minute. I also mixed 3 cups in total for the first layer.

Once all steps for mixing are complete I just pour the resin.

 I made sure that the resin did spread and covered the entire surafce.  I also allowed it to sit for about five minutes to allow air bubbles to rise.  I use my heat gun held up about six inches from the surface to pop all bubbles.  I check back in about 30 minutes to make sure no other bubbles have formed.  If they do I just use the heat tool to pop them.   LET DRY  (I allowed at least 12 hours beween layers.)

I added more elements between each layer of resin added.  Some Gold Leaf, more gears, and other elements.  When the final layer is poured it really gives the illusion of items floating!  Here are some closer looks!

Here is the finished project.  The legs were attached.  (Made from PVC pipe and painted with spray paint in Hammered Black and Dark Bronze)  Hope you enjoyed this project, I know I did!

Happy Creating!

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