No-slip Rugs with Fiber-Lok

Amongst the vast product line of Environmental Technologies is Fiber-Lokā„¢, which when applied to the bottom of a rug, prevents the rug from skidding or sliding.  

I have several rugs at home that desperately need to stop skidding!  Most of my rugs are like this one with that rubber thing underneath, and they drive me crazy because the rubber 'mat' never stays put under the rug.

No-slip Rugs with Fiber-Lok
Not working! 

This couldn't have been any easier! Your rug should be 'clean' before applying the Fiber-lok ( I gave it a vacuum and a quick wipe down with a cloth).  You are applying the Fiber-lok to the bottom of the rug. 
I used a wide foam brush because at the time I couldn't find a regular brush of that size.  If you do use a regular brush it's good to know that it is an easy soap-and-water cleanup.  According to the instructions you need to wear protective eye gear.  I figured my glasses would give me any protection I needed.  I also worked in a large and well-ventilated room.  Simply brush a thin coat of Fiber-lok onto the back side of your carpet. 

no-slip rugs fiber-lok
 It goes on white but dries clear.  

No-slip Rugs with Fiber-Lok
When it is clear you apply one more coat of Fiber-lok.  
Let it dry and you are ready to walk, and not slide, on your carpet. It's that easy!

No-slip Rugs with Fiber-Lok

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