DIY Resin Letters

I am always on the lookout for different molds to use with EasyCast® Resin.  Silicone molds are my favorite and while shopping recently I saw a great selection of molds from Plaid...

 called Mod Molds...pictured above is an Alphabet one that I knew would be perfect for many projects.

Simply mix equal parts of EasyCast® for two minutes, then pour into a second cup and mix for an additional minute.  At this point I added some black ultra fine glitter.
I poured the EasyCast® into the mold, you could pour it into the desired letters you plan on using, or fill the entire mold so that you have choices.
If there are any air bubbles that rise to the top you can simply use a lighter to remove them.  Then let the EasyCast® Resin set for 12 - 24 hours.

Remove the letters from the mold, if there is any resin that spilled over, simply trim the letters if needed.

I created two sets of letters which makes it easy to spell out several words, above it the word "SWEET".  These letters can be used in so many projects...
What would you use them for?  Let me know in the comments...

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