DIY Decor Resin Wall Hanging

Since I discovered resin I find myself constantly on the lookout for items with bezels. This wooden butterfly called out to me (actually she called 3 times) and today I am sharing with you the first of my 3, DIY Decor Resin Wall Hangings. 

DIY Decor Resin Wall Hanging

ETI EnviroTex Lite
ETI Ultra-Seal™
Ann Butler Designs Iridescents by Earth Safe Finishes, Tangelo
Wood butterfly wall hanging
Scrapbook paper
Foam brushes
Mica flakes
Recollections™ Opaque Sparkle, Vintage Blue
Westcott titanium scissors

 DIY Decor Resin Wall Hanging
Clean and sand rough edges of wood shape.
Cover the surface with Ultra-Seal, including the outer ridge. Let it dry.

 DIY Decor Resin Wall Hanging

Paint the ridge with tangelo by pouncing the brush to create texture.  Let it dry.  Make a template for your background and then cut out the shape.  Coat both sides with Ultra-Seal and place the paper into the butterfly.  Use the squeegee to smooth out the paper and ensure an even distribution of sealer and to remove air bubbles.  When it has dried, give the paper another coat and let it dry overnight. 

Preparing and pouring the resin:

It is important that you prepare and work with resin in ideal conditions for happy results:
 DIY Decor Resin Wall Hanging
Ideal pouring temperature should be between 70 and 80 degrees F. For proper hardness of film, humidity should be below 50%.  

 DIY Decor Resin Wall Hanging
I like to mark my measurements with a black marker so I don't forget how much I want to mix and to help me more accurately pour and measure the liquids. 

Mixing this resin is a 2-pour-process.  It is necessary to measure and mix the resin and hardener in one cup, and then pour it into a clean cup and stir it again with a clean stick.

 DIY Decor Resin Wall Hanging 
Once mixed according to manufacturer's instructions I stirred in some sparkle.

 DIY Decor Resin Wall Hanging

I poured it evenly over the surface and then gently placed some mica flakes on the surface.  I gave each flake a soft push so it would break the surface.  After 15 minutes, I did a 'bubble check' and removed any remaining air bubbles with my torch.  After 72 hours, my DIY Decor Resin Wall Hanging will be fully cured and ready to display.

Are you going to be on the lookout for bezelled objects?
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