Crayon Resin Jar Topper

Creating Resin Jar Toppers are a great way to dress up a canning jar for storage.  After all, have you noticed all of the canning jars in craft stores lately?  They are just waiting to be decorated and with EnviroText Lite® it is so easy to do....

I have been enjoying the process and seeing all of the different things I can use for these jar toppers and will be showing several over the next couple of weeks.

 For the jar topper pictured above I used crayons...since it is back to school time they are extremely inexpensive right now so it is a good time to stock up.

EnviroTex Lite®
Crayons,1 box of 24 for the jar topper 
Canning Jar with Lid and Ring
White Acrylic Paint
Paint Brush
Exacto Knife
Cutting Mat

To get started I painted the jar lid and ring white, let it dry and then gave it a second coat and let it dry.  I used a small amount of resin left over from another project applied it around the lid and placed the lid inside the ring and set it aside to dry completely for a couple hours.  This step will ensure that the resin used on the top will not spill out between the lid and the ring in the next step.

I cut the tip and the end of the crayons about 1/4" from the swirly lines on the crayons as shown in the photo. above and set them aside.

 I measured 1/2 ounce of the resin and hardener from the EnviroTex Lite®.
I poured them together.

and mixed for a full two minutes.

Then I poured the mixture into another cup and mixed for another minute.

 I poured enough into the lid to cover the bottom and come up to the edge of the ring.

 I took the ends of the crayons I had cut off and started placing them around the outer edge of the lid, next to the ring.

 I adjusted them evenly once I had them al in place.
At this point I added just a little more resin.

 Then I placed the tips of the crayons in the center.
I also adjusted these so that they were evenly spaced.
Set the lid aside to dry completely, about 12 hours.

Once the lid was dry...I took the center of the crayons that were remaining and removed the labels.  I then cut out the word "Crayola" from different colors and used the Ultra-Seal™ to adhere them to the ring.
I then filled up the jar with new crayons and put the topper on.
This would make a wonderful gift for any child in your life!!

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