Silicone Putty Coaster Mold

When creating things with Silicone will find that the possibilities are endless.  I bought a set of 4 wooden coasters with a box to hold them and before I decorated them I thought it would be great to make a mold, so I would have it to create resin coasters easily....

Here's is how easy it is to do:

Grab your supplies, all you need is EasyMold® Silicone Putty and a coaster.  EasyMold® Silicone Putty comes with two jars, components A and B.

Measure out equal amounts by weight or volume of components A & B.

Knead together quickly, until you achieve a uniform color.

Roll the kneaded putty into a ball and then flatten slightly being sure that it is larger than the wooden coaster. 
Press the coaster into putty to form mold.

Leave it in the putty and allow to cure for 25 minutes.

Then remove the coaster to reveal your mold.  Check back this Wednesday to see how easy it is to make a resin coaster with the new mold.

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