Thursday, July 9, 2015

Shine & Gloss Beads with Resin

Want to have a little gloss and shine added to a project?  Simply paint on some Jewelry Resin and you will get simply awesome results that you are going to love!

Pictured above are some Beads I created and added some gloss and shine to, with ETI Jewelry is quick and's how I created them...

Extrude white air dry clay with clay core adapter to make the start of beads.

Give the clay some color with assorted inks and heat set.

Over stamp with black ink and word stamps.

Mix Jewelry Resin according to manufacturer's instructions.

Be sure to stir completely.

Use a paint brush and paint a thin layer of resin onto the clay.

Place the clay onto skewers and put into a piece of styrofoam to dry
Repeat with a second layer of resin if desired and dry.

Cut the clay into assorted lengths to create beads!

These beads are ready to be strung into beautiful projects!!


  1. when do you add the holes so the beads can be strung?

    1. Hi Deb, You extrude the clay using a clay core adapter which creates the hole when the clay is is every cool! The extruder I used is from Makin's Clay and the Clay Core Adapters are sold separately. Thanks, Ann


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