Playing with Jewelry Clay

ETI Jewelry Clay is such an amazing product.  I love the fact that you can imbed beads, stone, crystals, etc without any glue...simply press them in and after it cures they are permanently in place.  You can also apply metallic powders or glitter and once the clay is cured it is also cool no fuss!  Have you played with Jewelry Clay yet?

 Here's the basic steps to get started:

 Jewelry Clay comes with two containers marked A and B.

 Roll out an even amount of each A and B.

 Mix the two components together until you have a uniform color.
Now it is ready to can mold it, shape it, roll it out,
put it into a bezel...the list goes on and on...
it is only limited by your give it a try!

Here is a simple way to add texture to the Jewelry Clay!

 Spray a stamp with Castin Craft® Mold Release, then place the 
jewelry clay on top....simply roll it ou, to desired thickness.

 Use a cutter of choice to create a shape, or simply cut a shape with a craft tool.

 Embed some crystals, simply by lightly pressing them into the clay.

 Add some metallic powder, you want to be sure and do the sides, it is ok to have excess powder...I leave it until the piece has cured and them wipe it away and put it back into my container.

 Brush away the excess powder and you are left with stunning clay pieces to use for jewelry or embellishments in a variety of crafts!

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