Detailed Molds with Silicone Putty

I absolutely love EasyMold® Silicone can make a mold out of just about look around and find something you would love to have just a few more of.  Today I am making a mold out of

this miniature metal heart frame, it can be used for so many things once I create a mold...

Here's how:

EasyMold® Silicone Putty comes with two jars, components A and B.

   Measure out equal amounts by weight or volume of components A & B.

 Quickly knead together...

 until you achieve a uniform color (about 1 minute).

 I placed the frame into my prepared putty and waited  about 20 minutes.

 I took the frame out and

Look at that wonderful detail....
now the exciting part come when you get to make things with your mold.

 I put a piece of Air Dry Clay into the mold so you could quickly see how great it works!
I will be making some out of ETI Resin and sharing soon...
Oh the possibilities!

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