Upcycled Box with ETI EasySculpt®

Today I will show you how I took a discarded makeup box and turned it into an upcycled jewelry box with ETI EasySculpt®.

upcycled box ETI EasySculpt Roberta Birnbaum
My daughter no longer needed this box and when I saw there was a mirror inside, I had a feeling it would turn into a lovely upcycled jewelry box.  

What did I use?
First, a little info about EasySculpt and why I used it:
upcycled box ETI EasySculpt Roberta Birnbaum

EasySculpt® Self-Hardening Epoxy Modeling Clay is a professional grade sculpting clay which cures without firing.

How did I do it?
  1. Spread the mixed EasySculpt® on the front cover. Remember that it will add weight to the cover.

  2.  Sprinkle powder onto clay and apply stamps.  Press gently but firmly.  The powder ensures that your stamps don't get stuck to the clay.
  3. Allow to cure as per manufacturer's instructions.
  4. Apply the metallic lustres to enhance the clay. I applied them in this order: blue, espresso, then copper.  I used my finger to apply them. OOPS -- and then I broke the mirror inside the box!!! Let this be a good lesson: When applying pressure to a hollow surface you must ALWAYS support the surface from underneath.
  5. Then add any embellishments to the top. I added the pre-made piece and attached it with glue.
  6. Highlight the embellishment(s) with turquoise.
  7. Paint the sides of the 'book' pages with Medieval Gold.
  8. I used a paper towel to brush on the gold, and then, using a brush, brushed width-wise to imitate pages.
upcycled box ETI EasySculpt Roberta Birnbaum


How pretty is this Upcycled Jewelry Box?

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