Hair Clips with Jewelry Clay

Hi everyone, Steph Ackerman here, and I've been having fun with EnviroTex Jewelry Clay

Start by mixing equal parts A and B of the Jewelry Clay
mixing until you get a uniform color.  
Jewelry Clay is easy to mix and has a long working time until it cures.

Place a portion of the clay into the hairclips.  
The clay adheres to most surfaces and will not shrink as it cures.

 Place gemstones in the clay - pushing them into the clay until they adhere.  No adhesive is necessary because the clay will cure around the gemstones acting as an adhesive.  Play around with colors and sizes to create a variety of styles.

 While they cure in approximately 5-7 hours, allow the hairclips 
to set approximately 24 hours for a total cure.

 Mix and match with your outfits or wear several at one time for unique looks.

 I had lots of fun creating these hairclips and 
know some young ladies who would enjoy wearing them.

Thanks for stopping by today.

 Steph Ackerman

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