Create Resin Charm Bracelet

Hi Resin fans!  Lisa Marie Jimenez here, showing you how to create this beautiful “Create” Charm Bracelet using digital collage sheets and EnviroTex® Jewelry Resin.  If you are scared of making resin bezels don’t be, using this Jewelry Resin is a snap!  In this tutorial, I will show you how to make these beautiful floral bezels and then how to turn them into a beautiful bracelet. 

Supply List:

Bezel Instructions:

Cut letters from collage sheet, making sure each letter fits inside the bezel.  Brush Ultra-Seal inside the bezel and place the letter circles inside.  Before placing paper down, make sure the letter is straight with the top ring. Smooth out any bubbles or wrinkles in the paper.  Repeat this step for all 7 bezels. Set aside to dry.

Next brush a coat of Ultra-Seal over the letter paper to seal it.   Pay close attention to the edges of the paper, you need a good seal on the edges to make sure no bleeding occurs when the resin is applied. Repeat this step for all bezels, then set aside to completely dry.  It is very important that you let the Ultra-Seal completely dry before moving on to the next step.

Mix the Jewelry Resin according to the manufacturer instructions.  Use a clean wooden stick to drizzle the resin into the bezel.  I do not pour the resin into the bezel from the plastic mixing cup, because the resin can overflow the bezel very quickly. Repeat this step for all bezels. 

If there are any bubbles that appear you can remove them by simply waving a lit lighter over the bezel.  I watch the bezels for at least an hour.  During this time, you may find bubbles re-appearing.  Just use the lighter to remove them.   Set the bezels aside for drying according to the manufacturer's instructions.

When the bezels are completely dry, they can be used to make this “Create” Charm Bracelet.   

Supplies for Bracelet:

Large Link Chain, Antique Gold, (7 Inches)
Lobster Clasp, Antique Gold
Rose Charms, Antique Gold (2)
Dragonfly Charm, Antique Gold (2)
Jumpring, Antique Gold, 4mm (21)
Jumpring, Antique Gold, 6mm (2)
Headpins, Antique Gold
Beads, Assorted Sizes and Theme Colors

Flat Nose Pliers (2 Sets)
Round Nose Pliers
Chain Nose Pliers

Assemble Bracelet:

1.  Open a 6mm jumpring and add the lobster clasp to one end of the chain.  Open a 4mm jumpring and add it to the top ring on the crown bezel.  Next open a 6mm jumpring, add it to the opposite end link on the chain.  Add the crown bezel to the jumpring before closing.

2.  Lay chain on a flat surface.  Place the “Create” bezels evenly next to links on chain.  The Crown bezel goes on the end link.  When you have the bezels spaced equally apart on the links, use a 4mm jumpring to connect the bezel to the links on the chain.  (Example: on this chain the bezels are spaced every 3 links)

3.  Now we will start adding items to the empty links on the chain.  Using 4mm jumpring, add the rose charm to an empty link.  Continue by adding the second rose to the chain, then the dragonflies.

4.  The remainder of the empty links on the chain will be filled in with bead baubles.  To make the bead bauble simple load a headpin with random beads.  Trim and make a simple loop.  Use a 4mm jumpring to connect the bauble to the chain. 

*Design Tip- To increase or decrease the overall length of the bracelet; add or subtract the amount of chain used.

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