Create Embellishments with Silicone Putty

I absolutely love EasyMold® Silicone can make molds in minutes, from just about anything.  Plus it is so quick and easy to use....

EasyMold® Silicone Putty comes with two jars, components A and B.

 Measure out equal amounts by weight or volume of components A & B.

 Quickly knead together...

until you achieve a uniform color (about 1 minute).

Roll the kneaded putty into a ball and then flatten slightly. 
Press your object into putty to form mold.
Leave object in the putty and allow it to cure for 25 minutes.

Pop the object out to reveal a wonderful detailed mold of the object....

I love being able to use the molds right away....
so for this one I used some air dry clay to test it out.

By adding just a bit more air dry clay you can get a chunkier flower, or
add just enough to get an exact replica of the original flower.

I painted the white clay flowers with some 
Ann Butler Designs Iridescents to achieve the color I wanted.
I also made some clay leaves and did the same....

Then I embellished a card I created with a sentiment from Unity Stamp Company!
Oh so quick and easy....
Try making some molds with EasyMold® Silicone Putty
and you won't be able to stop looking for things to make molds from

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